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Our custom decor and design services are tailored to homeowners who value casual,
beachside elegance and all the comforts of modern living.


Interior Decorating

Do you already have the perfect home? Make it your own by adding tasteful decor, from bed linens and window treatments to furniture, rugs, and artwork. Our exclusive shopping and layout services ensure your home will accentuate your lifestyle preferences while balancing between airy and welcome--the ideal coastal aesthetic!


Interior Design

Is your home in a great location but a little less than perfect? We can help you create new floor plans, coordinate with builders and other subcontractors, and assist you in managing every detail of your remodeling project.

We work alongside you to determine your aesthetic, design style, and functionality while also looking to how you will use your home in the future. We place an emphasis on increasing resale value (ensuring you can make money off a future sale) while keeping your present use of the home as our main focus.


Boutique Retail Store

Our boutique home decor store is located in the quaint downtown area of Chatham, Massachusetts. We welcome your visit, whether you're seeking to book a design consultation or looking to purchase the perfect decor for your home.

Let our expert staff guide you through our enthralling selection of home goods, and be sure to make a visit to our store a family tradition as you stroll tourist-style through our wonderful little town.


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